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Wundertats Review

Posted on Jul 27, 2015 by in #beauty | 25 comments


I was really excited to write this blog post about Wundertats because they were ever so nice. I believe they saw that I had trouble with my last metallic tattoo’s from Amazon as they were basically crap if I am honest. I put them on and they literally came off within 1 day of wearing them. Anyway, Wundertats contacted me and asked if I would like to try their tattoos (without asking for a review). So I said I would love to and they came within 2-3 days.

How I applied them:
1. Cut out the ones I wanted to use with scissors
2. Grabbed a flannel
3. Mix both hot and cold water together to reach the right temperature
4. Get the one you want and pull the white card off it
5. Hold it face down on your body
6. Place a towel over it
7. Press over the towel with a wet flannel
8. Do this for 2 minutes “ish”
9. Peep to see if it has worked, if so pull the sticker off
10. Now you have a “tattoo” :O

(Good idea holding the packet upside down ;))

I was most pleased that the tattoos are STILL going strong and they have been on for days now. I have been in the shower and bath and they haven’t moved a muscle. I am ever so happy 🙂


  1. look so tanned 🙁 what tan do you use or is it real :O


    • really!? awwh, well i do have a little bit of a tan still! but i do add fake tan too sometimes, i just use the st.moriz 🙂 or rimmel london babe xx

      • jealous girl haha. i dont have one at all, i really need to get out and get one! do you sun beds?? btw these tats look great x

        • awh bless! you going on holiday? if so try then!! nooooo i dont haha never have ever will, they scare me!! awh thanks girl x

  2. Looking good girl 🙂 Thanks for sharing !!!

  3. These look so pretty on you Hannah – love the one around your arm!! That is so good they stayed on for so long 🙂 Well worth an investment, Karen XXX

    • Awh thank you lovely 🙂 I know, so chuffed they did haha! I agree 🙂 Have you ever tried them? xxx

      • So welcome Hannah 🙂 Great post as always – such a good read!! I haven’t tried them at all, or anything like it so I’d be a completely newbie… thinking a little ankle chain style for a holiday would be lovely! Something subtle to break me in gently lol XXXX

  4. wow – this is such beautiful

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