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Tonsillitis Perks

Posted on Oct 26, 2014 by in Uncategorized | 0 comments

IMG_8965So yet again last night I was at the doctors and they told me I had tonsillitis for the 503848 time this year. I feel sorry for anyone who gets Tonsillitis, its not pleasant IMG_8765and some how it affects your motivation to do anything. For the past two days I have been in bed looking and acting like a slob. Although I have been slaved on by my Family, which is always a perk. I’ve also been living on Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream and Angel Delight which are like my fav food anyway. Staying in bed all day watching Keith Lemon and eating crap getting fat isn’t so bad after all. My advice to anyone who gets Tonsillitis would be milk it as much as you can to your Family so they slave on you for a while, haha. Also drink LOTS I mean LOTS of water, even though I don’t myself but I should and will one day. Drink hots of hot tea, hot milk with honey. My Mum tried offering me hot sugar, honey and lemon however I didn’t fancy it. Make sure you are still eating, even if it is just plain bog standard soup, Angel Delight if your anything like me. Get lots of rest and basically be lazy for a week or two 🙂

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