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Today's lotions & potions

Posted on Mar 5, 2015 by in #Baths, #beauty | 7 comments


Do you ever have those days where you decide to venture out of using your normal body lotions each time you get a shower or a bath? Well today was one of those days for me. I had a little root through my lotion’s bag and picked a few different ones that I was going to use.

* Never ever go into the shower or bath with makeup left on your face! This is probably my biggest tip that I always stress, it’s really not good for your face and may cause spots.*

To start with, I picked to use the Clean On Me by Soap & Glory. This is a shower gel but the good point about this is that it has a built in body lotion, which is crazy!! So it makes your skin feel extra smooth even before you have come out of the shower and if you don’t have much time then there is no need to put on a lotion. I used to use this shower gel all of the time when I first got it because it smelt soooo good, not too strong but it’s there to smell through the day, if you know what I mean.
£6.50 🙂

Along with the Soap & Glory I also used the Snow Fairy limited collection shower gel by LUSH. I do have a slight problem with this but as you may be able to see it has a strange colour to it at the top, anyone know as to why this has happened? Hm….

Despite that though, the best thing about this product has got to be the smell, oh my gossssh it is amazing, no word of a lie. Smells so sweet like Candy floss and I love Candy floss. I tend to use only a small amount of this on my body, maybe in places like my arms and neck where people will be able to smell it. Simply because I don’t want to use it all in one wash, haha.

This was given to me as a Christmas present in one of those small boxes, along with a bath “play dough” as I call it, which was also pink and smelt beaut.


When I have applied fake tan I find the best way to remove it is by using a scrub lotion. The one I used today is a body buff by Soap & Glory. This is the worst part of taking a shower, I hate having to scrub off old fake tan, it hurts soooo much and I feel like one day all my skin is going to fall off. Along with this body buff I tend to use a scrubbing glove as I feel they are the best at getting the stuff off. I put the scrubbing lotion all of my body and then using the glove to scrub the lotion against my skin. It works miracles 🙂

After using one of these body buffs my skin is smelling lovely again, because fake tan doesn’t smell very nice. However I do not always use a scrub because I like my fake tan to stay on for a while so I will just wash over it with a shower gel using my hands ensuring I’m not taking it off. This also is a great way to get rid of the smell. I usually do it the day after I have applied the fake tan, so 24 hours ish. The colour will fade a bit but it looks much better and doesn’t patch.

The back to basic baby powder. Literally the best thing anyone can use to make there skin smooth. Yes it is for babies but that doesn’t mean you can’t use it, babies skins are soooo smooth and I’m so jealous. This is great to use after you have shaved your legs or under arms to get rid of that rough feeling that may still be there.

This is my secret. I use this only for the usage after shaving my legs. My legs tend to go all red and spotty after I have shaved them so I tend to use this after to calm it down and get rid of the redness. It works wonders. This is from a local pharmacy but I believe you can get a similar item from Boots. Many people have asked what cream I use on my legs, well this is literally it.

And… lastly, the moisture lotion by Soap & Glory. Everyone loves Soap & Glory right? Again, this smells so sweet and I love sweet smells. Makes me feel like I have healthy skin using this lotion after a shower.

Then… relax and chill with your feet up (literally in that picture) and find the comfiest socks and pjs you own.



  1. is this a no makeup face again? jealous much

  2. never thought to try baby powder, i always get rough skin after shaving in the shower, will have to try it 🙂

    • they are great!!! i love them 🙂 definitely good for dry skin!! winter is a killer for dry skin 🙁 xx


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