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TGI Friday's

Posted on Mar 4, 2015 by in #food, dailyblog | 21 comments


Had a trip to TGI Friday’s today and it was fabulously great. For some reason I only took a picture of the bottom half of my outfit but hey. Jeans are from Topshop of course, all my jeans are literally from Topshop. Love them a bit too much!!

Heels are from Newlook, had them a long time though because I adore them, they aren’t too high but not too small so they are the perfect for meals and going out. IMG_0056 IMG_0055 Food was spot on. I now have a new favourite food… Sweet potato fries!!! 😀


  1. Love those boottsss!!! 😍😍😍

  2. Having major shoe envy…Have been forced into snow boots in Manhattan for the past week and a half…I really miss my heeled boots!

    • Awh really, that’s a shame, but embrace the snow !! It has been snowing here a little but I think I wear heels in all types of weathers haha! X

  3. these heels are toooo nice!!
    how much were they ?? new look are great for shoes!
    love love love xx

    • Awwh thank you 🙂 they sure are !
      I believe they were around £30 but it was a couple of months ago I purchased them but they were a good price ! River Island do lovely ones hun x x

  4. How amazing are these heels!!
    Your fashion sense is too good, I can never find good heels 🙁
    How much were these?

    • They are ! Awwh so sweet thank you ! Loads of online shops do like miss guided ? They are sooo good not too expensive either !
      These were around £30 x x

  5. in love with these heels!

  6. think i need to find myself some of these heels!

  7. this food is making me want to go too TGI’s 🙁

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