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Snack Time & Kisses

Posted on May 13, 2015 by in #food | 30 comments


How yummmmmy does my snack look!? Now I did call this a snack however it was in fact my brunch (tut tut). Slightly unhealthy but who cares!? I added strawberries for more taste and of course for one of my five a day ;). I also warmed up some brownies under the grill to have alongside my pancakes, mmm. Most people find it weird how I like to have treacle with my pancakes, instead of chocolate spread. I have ALWAYS had treacle and pancakes, never anything other.  But, it is about time I had something new, so what is YOUR favourite item to have on/with pancakes?


Kisses xox


  1. i love Nutella with mine and sugar!! very healthy are pure haha.
    but i have never ever tried treacle, maybe i need to!

    • mmm i have had nutella before with mine but it never really did anything for me haha. i love eating nutella out of those little cartons, have you tried it haha?
      you definitely do! xx

      • oh really! and yeah i know what you mean, i have had them before from sweet shops usually but they dont sell them much anymore round here 🙁 where do you purchase yours from??? xxx

  2. It’s similar to syrup isn’t it!? looks great though!
    Think I need to make some myself haha

    • Yeah! 🙂 I get them from the supermarket or the sweet shop although I haven’t really seen them either much tbh 🙁 Need them back haha x x x

  3. Yum! I love strawberries and pancakes. Makes it feel healthy

    • It was lovely!! It was from Bronte-Rose online, type it in Google or I can send you the link if you want 🙂 x x

    • They were lovely!! And mmm I think a lot of people do hehe. What do you have on your pancakes? X

    • Really!!!! Omg they are so nice! And yes I love waffles!! Mmmm melted nutella x

  4. Nutella for the win! 💁🏽

  5. I like lots and lots of fruit with my pancakes! It tastes really good warmed up too☺️

    • Do you like warmed up fruit!? I really don’t 🙁 I just feel it should be left cold haha x

        • oooh as if!! i hate apple pie and stuff because it is warm fruit 🙁 but i love the crumble!

          • I love apple pie! But my favourite is rhubarb crumble☺️

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  7. just seen this again, makes me want to make some pancakes haha x

    • haha do!! go make some, they are the best food to eat haha well in my opinion!! 😀 x

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