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Pizza Hut Delivery & Cinema

Posted on Mar 7, 2015 by in #beauty, dailyblog | 6 comments


So today, was one of those days when you find yourself doing nothing but moving from your bed to your seat. I did however get up, do my makeup and picked an outfit out. I decided I was going to have a movie sort of day however my movie days consist of watching half and then either getting bored or changing the movie to a different one. I’m not a movie lover but I do love going to the cinema.

Here I am wearing the lipgloss Stay Glossy in the colour Always Lovely by Rimmel London, it stays tastes yummy even though that’s not the aim haha.

I am also wearing the AMAZING Mac mascara, it makes your eyelashes look so much bigger and brighter, my favourite so far for sure 🙂

My eyebrows are done with the Seventeen BROW KIT. I got this for Christmas and I think it’s fab. It’s not too heavy although here I don’t think it suits my colour hair but it applies really soft.
£5.99 !!

I have only just realised that on post of my pictures my nails are always chipped haha I’m sure a lot of your will realise this but everyone gets chipped nails every now and again, haha.

But later on through the day my Brother came to see me at Uni and we grabbed a Pizza Hut delivery!! It was soo nice however it was cold by the time we got to eat it as we were waiting ages for it to be ready when we went to collect it 🙁 We got a half and half pizza, which I think is such a good idea!! Also cheesy garlic bread and chocolate cookie dough mmmm!


My favourite drink EVER!!!
Fluffy coat –


And then we went to the cinema to see ‘It Follows’ which was such a freaky film. It is meant to be a scary film but it was just soooooooo messed up haha.



  1. Mmmm lovely the brows!!
    Does the kit include a brush??? x

  2. where is the body warmer from hun?? loveeeee it x

  3. Omg went saw that same movie last week, it was bizarre, whole load of naked ladies, did make me jump couple times, and the weird music throughout it yeah…. I love pop tarts. And oh yeah chocolate cookie dough hell yeah. Honestly if you was nearer I would gatecrash lol 😛 x

    • It is so so so weird it didn’t so much scare me but freak me out hahaha just naked people weeing and stuff !! Pop tarts are amazing !! And awwh definitely! London is far though isn’t it 🙁 x

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