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New Favourite Outfit « OOTD

Posted on Jul 7, 2015 by in #fashion | 39 comments



Don’t you just love it when you randomly put clothing together and it turns out you absolutely love it!! I know this is a pretty poor picture but I was rushing as I was going out so I didn’t have time to get my big camera out haha.

Out Of The Day Is From:
Sleeveless Jacket –
BodyChains –
Black Joni Jeans –
White Crop Top –
Bracelet –



  1. your tan though 🙁
    love this looks so niceeee x

      • tell me how you got it 🙁 or give me it haha x

        • awwh that has given me an idea for my next post!! thank you haha. are you going on holiday? you might tan then hun!! x x

    • thanks hun and it was £22.99 which is quite pricey for new look but I really wanted a nice one haha x x

      • Thanks 😀 Ahhh i know what you mean, i love cheap clothes and a good deal but sometimes you have to spend that little more on something you really want x

  2. This look is just perfect! All things go so well with everything! Have you tried any makeup tricks that match the look?

    • Thank you sweety!! And no I haven’t as of yet but thats a great idea! What colours should I try though!? Don’t really wear eye shadow that often :O x

      • No problem 🙂
        You can go for the classic smokey eye or cat eye but I think you can try something new too 😉 like some metallic eye shadow maybe?

  3. 😍😍😍😍 how pretty.. Such a stunner you are!!

  4. I love the body chain on you, look great. Yes same here love it when outfit thrown together and you actually look pretty good, and you like yeah 🙂 always gorgeous x

    • Awh thanks girl!!! 😀 Me too! I was, it took me blooming ages to find it! x x


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