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My new obsession

Posted on Mar 8, 2015 by in #fashion | 13 comments



I often have these obsessions where I like an item but I’ll end up buying different types because I like them that much. Anyway, I am loving these types of pumps at the moment! I always thought they made my feet too cold but they actually don’t, which is strange because half of my foot is out. These are both from Primark and they look exactly like the ones from Miss Guided, which is fab because they are a whole lot cheaper haha.


  1. god i might have to get myself some of the top ones, so cheap x

  2. I bought pumps too granted it was last year lol, mine are shiny ones πŸ™‚ you sure we don’t know each other lol x

    • Let’s see them haha?? From Primark? And I know !! Hmm maybe we do x

  3. They’re so pretty especially the first metallic looking one! And comfy too.

    • I agree! And oh I found the metallic ones are so uncomfy but maybe that’s because they’re new !! πŸ™

      • Aw no. Break’em in girl! Put socks on and walk around the dorm with them on. And the next time you wear them they will be comfy!

        • Good idea!! I shall! I think I need something for the backs of them because they are rubbing πŸ™ How rubbish!!

          • Yay! And oh no. You need moleskin to attach to the backs of the shoes. I hate that. It will cause blisters!

          • I don’t think they’re called that here haha! I’ve had similar ones but they always come off. I know ouch !!

          • Lol whoopsie! What are they called??

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