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Monday 2nd March

Posted on Mar 2, 2015 by in #beauty, dailyblog | 1 comment



I didn’t do much today apart from going to Uni however I did decide it was time for my makeup brushes to have a wash. It is important to clean your brushes once in a while. To clean my brushes I:

1. Grab a big bowl of hot water
2. Add a squirt of a shampoo to the water
3. Using one or more brushes swirl the brushes around in the water
4. Rinse the brushes under a tap or grab a small cup of water and use that for rinsing
5. Put a towel down and let them dry on it

My favourite brushes at the moment are the Eco Tool brushes. I especially love the foundation one, I have been using it for months now. It layers my foundation on evenly and doesn’t leave it looking patchy. Foundation brushes are definitely one of the most important things to get right. As I only put one layer on foundation on it doesn’t take long to ensure it is evenly spread out.
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I also realised just how much I miss baths now I’m over at my University flat and not at home 🙁 I miss purchasing Lush bombs and using them in the bath. For all you that have baths YOUR LUCKY, haha! This bath bomb is the Fluffy Egg in pink with a little blue flower on the top of it. My favourite colour is pink so I tend to always purchase the ones that turn the bath pink despite if they don’t smell nice haha. But this one makes my bath look like blackcurrant, its great.

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  1. where is the big brush pouch from??

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