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  1. looks great!! did you have a good time? hope it didn’t rain for you haha x

    • thank you!! i did thanks and well it was quite hot to be honest and only rained a little bit which was fab!! but it was in tents so wasn’t too bad ;p x

    • they are cute aren’t they!! awh thank you hun! I did thank you was great! 😀 x x

  2. i purchased one of these body chains today from primark and i love it!! 😀 x

    • awwh i would say they are great but my blooming only went and snapped when i was there:( first time of wearing it too, i was gutted!!! but enjoy and be careful with it haha xx

      • really no way!? how blooming annoying :(:( i bet you were well annoyed!! how did you manage that?? was it at the festival?? xx

        • yes really 🙁 yeah at the festival in one of the toilets haha small annoying toilets they have. but i still had it on just one side had to go in my pocket haha xx

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