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Lush Time!!

Posted on May 6, 2015 by in #Baths | 31 comments



Before : ) Yum a foot.


After : )

My favourite time of the day is lush time!! I just can’t believe I can actually bathe in a PINK bath haha. I think most of the lush cosmetics that I pick are pink, despite the smell. This one is the Think Pink bath bomb. “Feel pretty in pink”, my favourite quote ever haha. This bath bomb is very sweet smelling but I adore smelling of candy, so it suits me but it won’t suit everyone as some may not be keen on the strong sweet smells. I have bought this bath bomb every time I have been into lush, I just haven’t got bored of it yet!

One the bath bomb is realised into the water, little flowery confetti floats out of it, which at first shocked me because I was sat in the bath and was casually finding confetti thinking it was me, like I’d been playing in the garden or something. But no it is a lovely treat for yourself. Mmmmmm.

Anyone have any favourite lush items!? I NEED to try more! I think my next purchase will be the pink lush lip balm, looks and smells amazing and apparently you can eat it!? Lol.

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  1. this bath bomb looks great i have never tried this one.
    my favourites are the blue ones haha, they are so relaxing and as you stated not too strong :p x

    • definitely does 🙂 and awh you should. awwwh, blues a pretty colour too! ah, yeah some dont like the strong smells that i like haha. thanks for your suggestion 😀 x

  2. I never used a bath bomb, looks like I have to use one

      • I never buy them because of the price, but when I get given them, I’m in heaven, haha.

        • I agree some are pricey!! But I got given a load for Christmas and my birthday ;p x

  3. Just. Two. Words.
    Ferrero Rocher

  4. I just got my first Soap&Glory product and loving it so far! How do you find those products? Also, Ferrero Rocher…YES.

  5. I have absolutely to try lush bombs,they are so cute and i’m curious to smell it ;-P I love lush,It is too long that I do not buy their products. Next time i will buy a ton of bath bombs xD xoxo

    • yes you definitely need to hehe! do you have one near you?? I have to go quite far to purchase mine 🙁 xxx

      • Unfortunately no, the nearest is three hundred kilometers from where I live, so i understand you 🙁 But when I go I spend a lot 😛 Lush is a beautiful place for a girl and when they give you many samples you can be a happy girl xD

        • Oh dear 🙁 that sucks. Hehe I most definitely agree with you here! Makes every girl happy! X

  6. LOVE LUSH! Such a hoarder for all their fabulous and amazing products. My favorite bath bomb would be the Sex Bomb and my favorite all time LUSH product is the bubblegum lip scrub; the most genius lip treatment for those chapped suckers!


    • As do I! Sound great! Ohhhh my I really need to try that bubblegum lip scrub as everyone crazes it!! I have tried it in the shop before it tastes great and apparently you can eat it!? Am I correct haha xx

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