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  1. ME! for sure, i need more!! where is this one from?? xx

    • how come it never ever lets me comment on your posts 🙁 I’ve tried several times hmmm it only lets me like :/ ?

      • WHAT!? Let me check the settings. That is SO weird. And unfortunate!

      • I don’t see any problems! Which post are you trying to comment on?

        • The one you tagged me in! But I’ve tried in the past im so confused !!

          • Ok let me know if it will let you comment! I’m so sad you can’t comment 🙁 Hopefully the phone works!

  2. I’m actually wearing my dad’s if you see my last post 🙂
    & I absolutely love it.

    • I’ll have a look! Omg I wear my dads too hahah! He was like what are you doing haha

  3. i love shirts!! defo loving long ones too xx

  4. Amen. I’m a sucker for over-sized shirts as I don’t have to wear pants, they are so ridiculously comfy and an over-sized or understated belt can be added with the right accessories to create a really stylish and super cute outfit.


    • Ahhh i am the same!! Haha not wearing pants sounds funny but me too! Oh definitely I was going to say that! Although I think my small belt I used to wear with them has broken:( xxx

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