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Happy Plaits

Posted on Mar 17, 2015 by in #hair | 24 comments


I love having my hair in plaits, I definitely find it to be one of the easiest hair styles to do. Whenever I am having a lazy day or I’m not really doing much I will just shove my hair up into plaits or a pony tail. Having long hair can get too much at times if you have it down all the time so it’s nice to have it out of the way for a bit and plaits look so pretty. I am also loving wearing cropped hoodies at the moment because they are so comfy but not too warm. As you know hoodies tend to get too warm to wear around the house, which is annoying.

Cropped Hoody: h&m –
Shorts: Primark –


  1. i want long hair its not fair at all!!!

  2. as do i emily!! its not hair, lets swap hair with hannah haha 🙁 xx

    • me too 🙁 mine is medium length but hannah your hair is beautiful

  3. awh girls! dont make me blush!! theres different techniques you can do to try too grow your hair etc 🙁 might make a blog post!! dont go to the hairdressers that often though, i only go to get mine coloured but never cut, so my ends are dead but i just hate having it cut! xxx

    • I know it takes ages haha I wish I could do fish braids and stuff but so long !

      • Omg a fishtail braid looks amazing on blonde hair. I have jet black hair, so it doesn’t show up as great as it should!

          • Any luck getting to comment from your phone? What does it say? Like is the comment box not there?

          • i just tried then when i liked your post. it comes up and lets me type but when i send it, it just doesn’t appear 🙁 which is so annoying because i once went back and i wondered why you hadn’t replied haha

          • AWW NO! Of course I would reply to your comments! Aww this is so sad and annoying. 🙁 I don’t know how to fix it! Is it a setting on your end? Because I can comment on your stuff just fine.

          • I know!! I shall have a look but Im quite new to WordPress so I’m unsure where to look? Because I am able to comment on others which is weird!

          • i was thinking that too!i have had a look but i can’t find anything that relates to just us !

          • nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 🙁

  4. Actually I’m a hairstylist and if you go to get a trim quite often like is recommended, you get less and less cut off bc your hair will be mostly healthy if you go regularly! If you keep split ends, they split higher and higher resulting in more breakage. You just have to find a stylist that listens to your wants and needs and doesn’t cut off more than you want even if it’s needed!


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