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Guide to having long, thick (annoying at times) hair

Posted on Feb 23, 2015 by in #beauty, #hair | 4 comments

Having long, thick hair is quite a handful at times. Early mornings are a no go for long hair, trying to style my hair in the morning is impossible. Recently, I have felt comfortable going out without styling my hair but just giving a good brush and flicking it to one side (little obsessed with doing that now). It is very rare that I have shower in a morning as it takes me up to 2 hours to wash, dry and straighten my hair, so I tend to do it the night before and tweak it the next morning using the straighteners. As far as products go, I wouldn’t say I obsess hugely over hair products however I am keen on having smooth and silky hair.

I believe washing your hair too often doesn’t do it any good, as you are constantly putting products on it. So I tend to wash my hair 3/4 times a week, which is absolutely fine for my hair as it doesn’t tend to get that greasy. However when I do wash it, I use a variety of products, first being shampoo –

This is a shampoo created by TRESemme. It is the new, KERATIN SMOOTH, 7 day smooth system and it really is a “smooth system”. I am a huge fan of this shampoo (and conditioner). It is particularly good for coloured, treated hair. I tend to apply two small handfuls of this as my hair is really thick and long. I ensure I apply it all around my head and down to the ends of my hair. It is 250 mL however it seems to of lasted ages, which is always a positive. You can purchase this product in almost every “beauty” store, from Boots to Superdrug. I always purchase mine from Boots. (5.99)
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Along with the TRESemme shampoo I also use a PRO:VOKE shampoo. This is the Touch Of Silver shampoo. Usually used for grey, white or platinum blonde hair. Some say this has no effect on their hair but I find it to make an impact on my blonde hair. After use of this shampoo and the conditioner, my friends ask me if I have dyed my hair again because it looks so much brighter and the sort of “freshly coloured hair” look. However this look only stays for about two – three days. Which is why I wash my hair 3 – 4 times a week to ensure the colour looks consistent. It is important to leave this shampoo on for about 5 minutes before washing it off (maybe this is the reason why it doesn’t have an effort for some, just a guess). It suggested that you use a glove to add the shampoo to your hair however I don’t tend to use one as I don’t in fact have one haha but it washes straight off your hands. I like to purchase this product from Body Care as I believe the price is better. However I have purchased this product before from places like Home Bargains, cheaper the better hehe. Quick question, does anyone hate how there hair feels after using shampoo? I can’t wait to get the conditioner on to make it feel “clean” again.  £2.19 *such a random price*
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Then of course comes the conditioner. This is my favourite as I said above, it makes my hair feel so smooth and clean after usage. Along with the TRESemme shampoo I use the TRESemme conditioner, 7 day smooth system. I tend to only use a small dose of this, one small handful. I also only apply it to the ends of my hair going for further than the bottom of my actual head. This is simply because the top of my hair doesn’t need it and it makes it greasy quicker (TIP)! It is important to leave this conditioner on for about 2-3 minutes to ensure it works. This gives me time to wash my body etc. The conditioner works well for people that like to straighten their hair (hair me). As it works with heat from the straighteners to transform the hair into smooth and silky hair. (5.99)
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Again, alongside the TRESemme conditioner I like to use the Pro Voke touch of silver conditioner. This can be used daily to nourish your colour. It helps to brighten and restore colour. I tend to apply this at the same time as my other conditioner as they both need around 2-3 minutes on the hair before washing them out. Every since I dyed my hair blonde I have been a lover for these products, as my hair is always looking a lot brighter after usage, the only downside is that it only lasts for around 2 days.  £2.19 *such a random price*
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As a finishing touch in the shower, I will then apply the TRESemme, Kertin Smooth, deep treatment masque. This comes as a set along with the 7 day shampoo and conditioner. It helps to replenish each strand of hair, to achieve this effect I apply a small amount on my fingers and run it through my hair from mid length to the ends of my hair, ensuring I run it through my hair to detangle it. This product works like a blooming brush!! My hair has never felt so untangled after the shower. Again, you have to leave this on for about 3 minutes. I have never used a product like this before but I will definitely but purchasing this or one like this again. (£5.50)
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These are the BEST brushers ever. I think I love it simply because it is in my two colour colours baby pink and purple. Tangle Teezers are a bit pricey but they are great if you have long, thick hair and they are especially useful for brushing your hair after the shower. They have created brushers just like Tangle Teezers which are much cheaper, I used to have one and they just as good. (£11.99)
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Before I dry my hair I have started using the John Frieda Frizz Ease. There were three kinds of these, I chose the Extra Strength because my hair needs it! I has 6 effects: eliminates Frizz, protects from humidity, protects from heat, smooths, hydrates and tames all are great if you use straighteners or curlers a lot. It is important to use this when your hair is still wet and not use use too much as your hair will feel greasy already!! My hair feels a look lighter after using this and takes some of the frizz and thickness “look” away. I hate frizzzzz, how annoying is it. (£6.25)
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Lastly, if I am going on a night our or somewhere I want to look nice haha I will apply this to my dry hair. It is the Pure Coconut hair serum by Inecto. Although it is a small bottle, months later I still own it! I do not use very much of this when  applying it, two squirts on the hand and then I will separate my hair and apply. This helps to make my hair look a little more silky and smoother. Perfect for a night out. (£2.99)

As much as I adore long hair, sometimes it is a pain in the arse, to put it bluntly. If you’ve long hair, I urge you not cut it because people would die for long hair, look after it and keep it healthy 🙂




  1. this is amazing!!!
    love your hair, great and helpful post! sooooo jel.
    one day are you going to do a video on this?? 😀 x

    • awwh thank you so much 🙂 means a lot.
      i am thinking of doing yeah if a lot of people want it 🙂 x

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