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Girl's Rule

Posted on May 7, 2015 by in #beauty | 27 comments


You know when it gets to that time of the month where you just want to sit in the bath and stuff your face with chocolate and sweets because your girl and you can. We have the right to eat whatever we want at that time of month because lets be honest it’s not a pleasant week. I know I wouldn’t like to me my friend or boyfriend for that week, as I turn into a moody cow haha. But not to worry because every girl goes through it and feels for you.

I even have my OWN doughnut 😉
From –

I like to have a REALLLLLLY long bath filled with extra bubbles and lush products (cos you can, cos girls rule) and stay in it for hours (Yes, I am drinking out a wine glass but it is in fact pink lemonade haha).

Bath Bomb –

Photo on 19-10-2014 at 19.31
I also like to apply a face mask but NOT IN TO THE BATH!!! It is soooooooo beyond bad for your skin 🙁 I tend to either get a bath OR apply a face mask not both, because my paws on my face will open from the heat of the bath. Grab some food and magazine or Netflix’s and sit back and relax.

(Like this lol)

Socks & Shirt –

Then maybe do some SHOPPING! A girl’s type of therapy 😉

Fake Tan –
Radox Bubble Bath –
Eye Liner –
Hair Spray –
Body Cream –

Yep, this picture is very dark. But, I would usually apply fake tan and make myself feel all pretty because in my mind if I look great I feel great. Don’t you just hate it when you look awful so your mood suddenly changes and you don’t even want to leave the house. So yeah, I like to make sure I’m tanned and my nails are done etc. 😀

(This is not my picture – But I just wanted to add this one because I have a Wheat Sack and it is the BEST thing ever for stomach pains ooooooh my gosh!! I can’t stress to you enough haha. It is basically a bag with wheat in it haha. You warm it up in the microwave for around 2 minutes and then it’ll be really warm and you can put in your belly or even your neck. Heat helps to soothe the pain, just like baths but better because you can sit anywhere and take it anywhere. I sometimes put on my feet if they are cold haha. Mine doesn’t look like this picture it is a rectangular shape. I am unsure on where it was from as I didn’t buy it but I will list some online sites where you buy them from.


But remember… girl’s rule!!! Don’t listen to guys when they mock you and call you a wimp 😉


  1. Hahahah loving that doughnut picture!!! that is totally me on a night, to be honest it is probably me every night haha.
    Love this post, your so funny!! xx

  2. It’s during this time that I justify online shopping…

  3. We girls are fabulous! 🙂

  4. Hahaha! I can and I am sure 34923842 other girls can relate to this post on so many levels. I tend to shut myself out from the world except from one girlfriend during this time of the month as I transform into a completely different version of myself. My routine is very similar to yours; bubble baths with LUSH products, lots of chocolate and Netflix. Haha thanks for sharing lovely; glad to know I have an “aunt flow” twin 😉


    • Definitely! Hahahaha, as do I 🙁
      It is the best type of medicine 😉 Awwh, that’s funny haha “aunt flow twin”!! xxx

  5. Girls totally rule, what a fun & positive post. And I agree with what you said about how when you feel great, you look great and the other way around!

    • hehe good 🙂 thank you hun! yeah, i alwayssss feel that way, I’m sure plenty do though! ;p x

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