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Feeling positive & happy

Posted on Mar 4, 2015 by in #fitness | 8 comments


I hate looking on Instagram and Tumblr and seeing all these gorgeous bodies. So a couple of months ago, I decided to do something about it. Nothing drastic, as I am quite a lazy person. Every night and morning I started doing sit ups, squats and lunges. I was mainly working on my bum, because everyone wants a bigger bum. So I’m not entirely sure how my tummy has turned out nicer than I thought it would as I didn’t pay it much attention. It is much easier to get a smaller stomach if you have a small build than it is to get a big bum if you small build, therefore I was working on my bum more. Sometimes I get asked how I do it because I’m so lazy, haha… I have always been quite small from being a kid. I don’t really eat much, if I do it is crap like chocolate and sweets but eating crap can benefit you if you want a bigger bum (I think?) I don’t know much about fitness so I just go off what I know and that was to do my exercises and then try eat a big meal afterwards. I eat a lot of apples, grapes and strawberries as snacks simply because I enjoy eating them. However now I am at University my diet is terrible, I rarely cook because I can’t cook, I eat crap or I don’t eat at all, therefore I am losing weight but that is not good for your bum you need to put it on but it is good for my stomach as I have carried on doing excises each morning and evening.

Recently I have started drinking a lot more water, nothing is healthier than water. I have also joined the Gym at my University, I don’t go very often because Im usually in bed but when I do I go for about 30 minutes. But never feel like you HAVE to go too the gym and also never feel like you HAVE to give up eating the foods you love because you don’t at all, you’ll become so unhappy if you do, because eating healthily all the time is dull if you don’t love the food your eating, it’s important to reach a healthy balance.

What do I do at the gym?
– Squats with weights and without weights (three sets of 10 at different intervals)
– Lunges (50)
– Ab Crunch Machine
– Treadmill
– Stairmaster Machine
– Floor exercises, such as sit ups, crunches
– Kettlebell exercises

IF anyone wants anymore information then feel free to ask questions or mail me 🙂


  1. You’re so honest especially when you say you just eat crap food. Lol

  2. a m a z i n g really!!! goals

  3. This gives me great motivation!
    Knowing that skinny and gym people still eat the food they love and dont have to give it up is worth knowing. I was thinking of the joining the gym too. i will message you 🙂

    • awwh thanks so much 🙂
      yes, it’s very true!! and okay sure 🙂 x

  4. Loving your blog! This post is so real and I struggle with the laziness too xx

    • awh thank you hun 🙂
      I am so lazy hahaa, started waking up in the morning now though it helps!! xx

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