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Face Mask Experience #1

Posted on Oct 27, 2014 by in Uncategorized | 2 comments

So the other night, I was bored, very bored in my Uni pad and decided to finally try out the Face Mask I bought months ago. This face mask wasn’t an ordinary face mask it was a chocolate favourIMG_8814ed mask, from Body Care (nice and cheap). I love Body Care because I will always visit there for girly essentials, such as cotton wool buds because it is soooo much cheaper than other shops. I think the face mask was 89p or something like that. I have just realised that I haven’t actually got a picture of the face mask product itself however I do have a camera roll full of pictures of me with the face mask on :), which sounds just about spot on.
That reminded me that today a little message popped up on my lock screen of my phone today informing me that my phone storage is yet again full and iCloud will no longer backup my items. This has happened to me too many times now. I keep telling myself to backup my photos etc onto my Mac but I always aside doing it because i HATE IT, I need my own personal ‘techno’ slave, not really a great name but you know what I meant.

Anyway back to the face mask, one really great tip I would give you is when you are wanting to use a face mask make sure you haven’t just been in the shower or the bath because the pimples in your face will of been warm therefore if you were to start apply cosmetics to it, may cause spots. Well thats what I’ve been taught anyway. So when I useIMG_8808d my first ever face mask (the other day) I just picked a random night when I was bored and hadn’t been in the shower/bath. I did really enjoy my first face mask, however I was more bothered about taking selfies, than relaxing, so I didn’t get time to make cucumber eye patches (although it was chocolate, so maybe I could of use bourbons or something). When it came to taking it off… well wow, that was a nightmare, it went in my hair, all down my neck where I had just faked tanned, I was stressing fully out rather than relaxing, which sounds about right for me. HOWEVER I was left with a extremely smooth face, my face felt so soft, it was fab and I went round the next day smelling of chocolate.


  1. Haha, you can’t go wrong with a chocolate scented face! Great tip about not face mask-ing after a bath- I didn’t know that! 🙂

    • Totally!! Ah yeah, it’s useful!!
      Do you know any good face mask’s? I want to start using them but don’t really know what the good ones are!! x

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