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Fab Jar Mug's

Posted on May 5, 2015 by in Homeware | 27 comments

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Yet again I couldn’t resist hehe, I spotted these new, colourful jar mugs from Bronte Rose (online). They have only just brought them out and they are fab. Of course, my favourite one is pink. But they don’t come in packs of three, you can purchase them separately. I think the straws are one of my favourite features, each jar mug has its own coloured straw, so the pink jar mug has a pink straw, (you get the drill). I have been routing the internet for some jar mugs for quite some time but have been waiting until I find my favourite ones, as some can be quite pricey. I know you can get them in B&M and stuff but they aren’t as nice and most are plastic but it that suits you then :). Anyway, I can finally say I own some amazingly cute jar mugs!! To be honest, I can’t wait until I get my own house so I can decorate it (with pink items).
£6.99 🙂


  1. I have some which are super similar to these that I bought from the poundworld in Guiseley! They’re actually glass too and they are just brill!!! So ideal for summer barbeques x

    • It’s soo annoying every time I have been in to the pound land near me there hasn’t been any 🙁 just plastic ones which are taller and different! but yeah i agree 😀 x

      • I know I was hunting some down for flippin ages but one day I discovered the (ever so nice) new poundland there and they were sat there shouting out for me! I can’t get enough of them x

        • Hahahah, I bet you were pleased!! As was as I when I found some that I love!! They’re great x

  2. These are so cute, my favourite one is pink too! Love your post! Xx

  3. I’m loving the mugs, the pink one is my favourite. Thanks for the follow.

  4. Love these jars and your blog!! Please subscribe for giveaways

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