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Posted on Apr 10, 2015 by in #hair | 11 comments


Hairspray used: VO5 Ultimate Hold (Definitely does what is says it does) Had these curls in all day and my curls would usually drop out by the evening but I managed to keep them in until the next day. I found that if I put more hairspray on the bottom of the hair rather than the top the curls stayed in much better and my hair also didn’t look like “hair spray overload” sort of thing haha. Another technique I found inspiring to try was not to brush through the curls so they look “normal” because I’m sure they fall out a lot quicker if you do that and I actually quite liked having curls this way as it gave my hair more volume (not that it needs it but). I also used the VO5 Firm Hold spray to ensure the curls were in place. Both products I would amazingly fab.

VO5 Firm Hold Pump & Ultimate Hold Spray:

Also used:
TIGI Bed Head Hair Care Curl Enhancing:
From –


  1. wow so gorgeous!
    how did you get it like this??? x x

    • awh thank you!
      i might do a video on it???? it’ll be easier haha! but the hairdresser did this one ;p x x

  2. I’m not easily imerssepd. . . but that’s impressing me! 🙂

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