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Consistent Mornings, yawn…

Posted on Feb 23, 2015 by in #food | 3 comments

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The best and only way to start the day is with a cup of tea or hot chocolate. I don’t understand how people can wake up and feel alive without having a hot drink in the morning, crazy!! I am definitely a hot drink lover, apart from coffee, never been too keen on that strong stuff. This morning I had a “healthy” breakfast, which included some sort of vanilla yoghurt with crispy things. I should try too eat breakfast more often, as it makes my day a hell of a lot better. Although that is probably a psycological thing that I have going on in my head. Another thing, I never know what to have for breakfast, it is so dull. Anyone have any nice ideas?


  1. Breakfast is usually my favorite meal of the day 🙂 I hate being stuck somewhere in the afternoon and realize I’m hungry! I usually have wheat toast with peanut butter and sliced bananas on top (good fat, protein, good carbs) or oatmeal with almond milk and bananas cooked in. I definitely need a warm drink too, I’m jealous of the people who don’t!

    • I definitely agree!! I always feel hungry around about 11.00 after not eaten breakfast! I’ve always wanted to try peanut butter, I tried it once but I wasn’t too keen but everyone seems to love it or hate it!! Is almond milk nice? Not really sure what that is! Me too :p

      • Yeah, you never really think of almonds as having milk, right? haha but I prefer the taste to regular milk.. it’s not so much flavor but a smoother texture.. hard to explain!

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