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Body Jewellery Shop Review

Posted on Jul 30, 2015 by in #fashion | 17 comments




HOW CUTE are these new ear rings that the Body Jewellery Shop sent me. The first ear-piercing is a dragon wrap ear cuff. Unfortunately it is slightly big for my little ears haha but it is gorgeous. I have managed to wrapped the back of behind my ear instead of wearing it to the front (so it fits). However in these pictures it does look a little big haha. These sort of ear rings are FAB for festivals or holidays. I will definitely be wearing them at my next festival. The price of this earpiece is £6.95.

The second ear-piece is a small dragon fly. It is quite small however it is visible. It wraps around the cuff of the ear and the best thing about it is that you don’t have to have your ears pierced!! This earring is £2.49 :).


  1. Eeeeeeek. Why are you so darn cute?!?! Haha. I LOVE those ear cuffs they are so bad-ass and you pull them off impeccably. I can never really wear ear cuffs as I always wear my hair down and I feel it defeats the purpose if you can’t really see them haha! Hope you have a great weekend lovely.


    • Awwwh so sweet!! 😀 Thank you so much!! Really!? Even though they are massive haha!! Oh me too, I love wearing my hair down, as I’m lazy haha. I can never be bothered to put my hair up!! Right!? Surely I’m not the only one haha. Thank you, I did thanks. Did you? xx

      • Haha well what I envision is a gigantic unknown lump on the side of my head as I have so much hair you can barely ever see my ears. And yes definitely the lazy factor BUT its also too heavy and takes way too long … so yes I am very lazy haha! I had a fantastic weekend; just relaxed at the beach with some gal pals and visited our pride parade here 🙂

        • Ahhh I see!! I have sooooo much hair too haha. Oh gosh same here, right!?! Takes too much effort and it always ends up falling down because its too heavy haha. You have a beach near you!?!!?

          • The struggles I tell ya haha! I sure do! Vancouver is filled countless beautiful and oh so relaxing beaches 🙂

  2. The dragonfly has got to be my fave! So cute!❀

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