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Blue Vanilla Review

Posted on Aug 8, 2015 by in #fashion | 23 comments





So a few days ago I received my sleeveless, white gilet from the lovely Blue Vanilla. I was going to the cinema so I thought it was a great opportunity to wear my new jacket. I decided it went well with black skinny jeans and a black top with a long neck, as I am absolutely loving those type of tops at the moment. I think they look particularly nice with these types of sleeveless jackets.

The jacket comes to about knee height, which I think turns a casual outfit to quite a smart outfit. However I would advice if you don’t really like long jackets to get the smallest size, which is what I did because I wasn’t too keen on really long jackets. Perfect for a special occasion where you don’t want to dress OTT.  I also had my new white pumps on, which are from Newlook. I think I must have over 6 pairs of these pumps now, eeee.



  1. you are TOOOO gorg 🙁
    love this, looks great xx

  2. Loooove the outfit and your hair is gorgeousssss!😍💁🏼

  3. Girly looking nice!

    • Awwh hehe! Thank you so much! Sorry I’ve been gone ages!! So I think I will of missed the giveaway haha!! But let me know if you are doing anymore!? x x

      • Haha YES! You disappeared BUT I will for sure keep you posted once I host another. Missed ya gorgeous! <3

        • I am back for gooood:D Good, thank you! Shame I missed it! Misssed you too x

    • Thanks for the inshgit. It brings light into the dark!

  4. Your outfit is so on point 😊.And your hair is georgeos 😍

  5. I love your outfit! Your gilet is so rockstar hot! Sizzle girl! 🙂

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