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All About My Hair

Posted on Oct 24, 2014 by in Uncategorized | 5 comments

IMG_8678Right so basically people are always questioning and complimenting my hair, so I thought I would blog a little bit about it 🙂

I have been growing my hair every since I was little, my Mummy never cut my hair either, it used to be below my bum so yes, I could sit on it. But since the age of 11 (ish) I decided that I never want to cut it again and that has stuck with me ever since. Obviously I have been to the hairdressers every now and again to get the ends trimmed, although I try not too if possible. However getting it cut every once in a while does actually make it grow longer, faster believe it or not. So when I go to the Hairdressers I ask for the very ends to be cut in other words the ‘split ends’. I’m in no doubt that I always seem to have split ends this is simply because I despise getting my hair cut so I don’t tend to really care about them, its only natural however it definitely does look better when it is cut but to me it doesn’t feel right seeing my hair on the floor of the Hairdressers (sad I know). Sometimes I get my hair thinned at the Hairdressers because it is so bloody thick and I hate it, although it doesn’t really make much of a difference to my hair.

Although I use a variety of cosmetics on my hair my favourite one out of them all, is my recently bought Pure Coconut Oil made by Inecto, you can purchase this item online or from places like boots. I prefer this Oil a lot more because it smells so nice. Every time I apply this Oil, my hair is always freshly washed, wet and also brushed as I feel it is better for the hair to bIMG_8677e wet as my hair doesn’t tend to go greasy because I found that when I used this Oil when my hair was dry, it made my hair greasy and no one likes greasy hair!! It is important that you do not over use the Oil, therefore when I use it, I split my hair and but a little bit on each side as my hair is so blooming thick. I find that this Oil helps to prevent my hair from going fluffy/frizzy and helps to make it ‘shine’ a bit. I would definitely recommend that EVERYONE uses Oil on their hair because it helps it improves the look of it in so many ways.

Coconut Oil:


  1. love

  2. Can you do a video of how you do your hair please :p xx

    • Hi Amy,
      Yes of course I can.
      I am going to starting creating videos of how I style and look after my hair 🙂 xx


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