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27 thought's most girl's have when doing makeup

Posted on Mar 8, 2015 by in #beauty | 11 comments


1. Ok, so today’s makeup is definitely going to look fabulous. (But it never does)

2. Why can’t I find a foundation that matches my neck!!

3. Yes, that eyebrow looks perfect

4. The other however looks crap and doesn’t even match!

5. Ok, I’ll redo them

6. Great, now both of my eyebrows look like slugs

7. Why did I shave my eyebrows off in the first place!?

8. Why can’t I have eyebrows were like Cara Delevingne…

9. I’m not even going to attempt trying to flick my eyeliner

10. Makeup makes me mad

11. But I always wear it

12. My fake definitely doesn’t look like the women that model the exact same makeup

13. Now my face looks too orange

14. Why can’t I be naturally tanned…

15. Maybe I should put some eyeshadow on

16. Ok maybe not

17. What does primer even do for my face!!

18. Maybe if I pout my cheekbones will appear

19. Why can’t my eyebrows look like they do when I lift them up with my head, all the time

20. I definitely should start my makeup again

21. Why did I have to blink whilst doing my mascara

22. Let’s try remove the mascara under my eyelashes

23. Great, it’s smudged even more

24. I wanna be a boy

25. Who even invented makeup

26. Life would be better if no one had eyebrows

27. F*** it


  1. hahhaha yes this is true!!!

  2. OMG definitely hahahha! xxx

  3. Oh geez, number 2 is so true!

  4. My process everyday lol…. when I get mad I skip the brows and hope I don’t run into anyone I know lol

    • hahha me too!! brows have definitely turned into the most annoying thing!

  5. Lol I do most of these often 😂😂

  6. this is definitely me hahah xxx

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