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Posted on Mar 6, 2015 by in #YouGuys | 25 comments


I am SOOOO glad I started blogging on here. I have only been using this properly for 2 weeks and I have gained 100 followers already! I am so pleased and I’d like to thank all 100 of you for follower 🙂 I never thought I’d gain so many so quickly, it’s just me and my found love for pink 😀 So here’s a picture of my DREAM kitchen to celebrate, haha.


  1. i can second that ^^^

  2. Wow that’s so amazing! Congratulations! 😄

  3. Woop woop, congrats 🙂 aww man that kitchen looks awesome lets take moment to enjoy 😛 x

    • Awh thank you 🙂
      I know, i love love it!! Definitely my kind of kitchen haha bet it’s expensive though 🙁 x

      • I know must be, can’t imagine trying to persuade my partner if A. we had the space, B. had the money, perhaps half girly 😉 lol x

  4. Ah congratulations! I adore your blog. xxx

  5. Huge congrats huni – such a great achievement 🙂 Karen Xo
    Ps: Your dream kitchen is aaaamazing 😀 hehe

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